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Product Information

DEROXI ORIGINAL and DEROXI QOO are herbal drinks made from a variety of high-quality herbs, primarily grown and developed in Thailand by the Thai agricultural scientists.


Minimal Processing.

Our herbs are extracted from real plant parts, both fresh and dried, using a process that involves as few steps as possible. This helps to maintain the quality and full benefits of the herbs.

Energy Instability, Taste, and Separation.

Energy of the content in the bottle can be unstable after production. The energy values shown are measured within one week after the production and may gradually decrease to zero. This is due to the activity of beneficial microorganisms, like yeast, from the fresh herbs. You may notice changes in the taste, with the sweetness gradually diminishing. Sedimentation and layer separation may also occur as we do not add any anti-separating agents.

Warnings and Allergy Information.

This product is not a medicine and not able to cure or prevent any diseases. It contains Indian trumpet pods and roselle which may cause a bowel movement. People with nut allergies may also have reactions as Indian trumpets are in the Legume family, similar to nuts.

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